Too many kids are falling through the cracks and being failed by the current system, it is important to improve access to the school funding system for integration aides to ensure the futures of these kids are to their full potential so they lead full adjusted lives and dont end up on disability support pensions

Letter to
Martin Dixon Minister for Education State Government of Victoria
Shadow Minister for Education James Merlino
Member for Bundoora Colin Brooks
and 1 other
Parliamentary Secretary for Education Clem Newton-Brown
Please improve school funding for kids diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or other learning difficulties/disabilities. We are asking that you
- review funding criteria to remove discrimination of some students who may have a diagnosis but because they don't meet very rigid scores in their speech impediments or intellectual abilities are missing out on vital help please adjust criteria so that the system is more fair and equitable a student may have an average iq overall but often has deficits or an uneven profile of abilities and is struggling in some areas but have no access to support
- improved teacher training for teachers teaching in mainstream schools in special needs such as autism spectrum disorder and ADHD and auditory processing difficulties at a university level so that graduate teachers have a better understanding of the impact of these difficulties on a child in the classroom before teachers start teaching in the classroom
- a catch up education plan for teachers already in the teaching profession to equip them with the neccessary skills to teach children on the spectrum and with other learning difficulties
- provide more places in autism specific schools especially the Northern School of Autism which has only 176 places at one campus (primary) and 50 at the other (secondary) meaning more than 2/3 of the kids will be moved on to mainstream secondary schools where the system isn't equipped to cope
- more funding for reading, writing and math recovery programs in mainstream and specialist schools
- improve access (provide more places and at more locations) for specialist schools
-provide special needs co-ordinators in mainstream schools to ensure individual learning plans are put in place and acted upon as well as advocate on behalf of special needs students to reduce the number of suspensions and expulsions that are very common in these students
-address the problem of children with autism spectrum disorders in mainstream schools being asked to part time school because the school just isn't set up to support them and their education and behaviour challenges