Clemency for Ryan L. Artis (my father) life is too excessive.

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Good Evening, my name is Chamyra Riddick and I pray my letter finds you in good health. This letter is regarding my father Ryan. L. Artis. I am the oldest daughter out of a loving family of two. My father has been incarcerated since 1998.On the evening of December 14, 1998, the choice my dad made to go along with and participate in the acts of violence that were committed against those two young men is something he will regret the remainder of his life. It was a foolish thing to do, and beyond harmful to the victims and their family. Being young and impressionable, and under the influence at the time is no excuse for the violent acts that were committed that evening. It was one crime, one arrest made-one interrogation by one detective. Therefore, it should have been one trial (before either of the three courts) and one sentence-one punishment. Yet, even if all the convictions in each jurisdiction were upheld; under the common scheme law, there would only be one sentence-one punishment, with all the sentences would have been allowed to be run concurrently making all three sentences but one sentence. Which is a violation to due process (4th amendment), Violation of double jeopardy (5th amendment (because he was charged twice of the same crime), and 8th amendment (cruel and unusual punishment). I know it seems obscured for the guilty to declare that the punishment was rendered unto him was overkill and stands beyond the scope of what is just and fair. But it's not obscured to question that punishment, as well as the process by which that punishment was procured. There those whom committed far greater crimes and acts of violence than my father and received lesser sentencing and being afforded a second chance at life. We are all found in the catchphrase “you do the crime, you do the time”. My question to you Mr. McAuliffe is how much time is needed to heal any wounds? how much time can be set for a crime and to say, “well he learned his lesson”? We are not proclaiming innocence, nor are we trying to escape accountability for what was done. I'm asking for consideration towards the person my father has become/the man he has grown into because of this experience-a second chance at life, freedom, and family. Instead of being held in prison until he's 83 for a foolish thing he did at the age of eighteen. When he was a young, impressionable, and irresponsible teen/male. My father is not here to speak for himself, so I hope you take the time and hear what I must say for him. Since my father has been incarcerated, he has helped countless inmates either obtain their GED or further their education by picking up a trade, which will help them integrate into civilization upon their release. My father did not have a high school diploma when he was taken from me, but since he’s been in prison he has obtained his high school GED and picked up a trade in HVAC graduating top student. My father has had zero incidents while locked up, which to me says a lot about his character, when you lock a man up, it’s possible to have a breaking point or either get upset and cause a scene, he has not. He is known as a friendly man, a man who has picked up the Bible to better himself and a man who has made mistakes and has put the time in for those mistakes. Mr. McAuliffe one thing I’ve learned is “it’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us”. I truly believe my father is doing what he can to show he is a good man and that he deserves another chance at being a father, being a man, watching his daughter graduate college, knowing his children, and even being able to have a conversation with us that’s not fifteen minutes long. You have the power in your pen to decide if my father deserves that second chance. We all make mistakes don’t let that be the reason you give up on somebody. I hate to sound selfish, but I need my father in my life. I have seen the ugly and positive side of life, I truly believe in second chances from this. I pray and hope we can have the opportunity to hold one another again, to hear his voice in my ear giving me words of encouragement, to see him at my competitions, to see my phone ring and my caller ID say dad and not Nottoway Correctional Center, and honestly to just know he is home safe surrounded by loved ones. Thank you for your time and god bless..

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