Cancel river fire and donate the money back to rural Queensland

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Rural Queensland has been struggling for a long time but this year it has really come to head. Towns close to the city such as Warwick and Stanthorpe nearly without water, the North Queensland with horrible floods early on in the year, the worst bushfire season the state has seen already and towns like Clifton with no fuel.

This state has been through a lot this year and appears it is up to the community to make a change rather than the government stepping up and offering the much needed help. River fire is an expense the state could definitely do without given its tough times as of late. It is a waste of resources and tax payers money to host a giant party with extravagant fireworks when so many in our state are struggling to meet basic human right needs. 

I urge the government to spend that money more wisely giving back to the community in a beneficial way and I urge the people who would have attended river fire to rather go out to small towns and put this money back into the community who needs it the most.