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Start Taxing the Rich to Give to The Poor

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The self proclaimed budget balancing pundits of both political parties have yet to tell us where the money is coming from? Could this be because both potties have only the rich as our "representatives"? We the peons need our pittances from Social Security, SSI, UI or other benefits pending jobs for those of us who are able to work. Some of us are living on food stamps, government surplus food, or cat food - meow! Plus, the Republicans have formed what has been dubbed the "Catfood Commission" regarding how to feed senior citizens - double meow!!!

One place that the money could come from would be to rescind the Bush tax cuts for the rich, close the corporate loopholes and reinstate the estate tax, which the super rich have labeled the "death tax" because it would be death for them becoming billionaires! I understand that these taxes are still fairly unpopular according to the polls, but an increasing number of Americans are "smelling the coffee" and are in favor of them. As, less than 1% of Americans would be affected by these proposed tax changes, it makes economic sense for the other 99% of us to tax the rich We need to be voting on our "bread and butter" issues on this matter!

It appears that many, if not most, Americans believe what they see on TV or in political ads without checking the facts for themselves. Don't listen to the whining from the likes of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell about how taxing the rich is "class warfare" when it was the rich who started the class warfare, but lining their pockets exorbitantly at the expense of the poor, middle class, elderly, disabled, women and children. And, don't buy the Flat Earth Mad Tea Party nonsense about how taxing the large corporations their fair share would hurt the "job creators." Where are these "job creators" creating jobs? They are creating these jobs in third world companies using child and slave labor in factories that would never pass an OSHA inspection!

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