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Stanford: Release The Names of Rapists

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Brock Turner is a rapist. We know he’s a rapist; he was caught in the act and convicted in a court of law. But were it not for two random passersby, Turner would still be a Stanford student and still be preying upon other students. The majority of serial rapists found responsible by Stanford remain on campus, neither punished nor publicly known. But #StanfordKnows who they are.

One student is sexually assaulted every two weeks at Stanford. I’m afraid for my safety, knowing how many of my friends have suffered from sexual violence and coercion at the hands of my classmates.

Stanford has a list of names of students who are responsible for sexual assault and misconduct under Title IX. Cases in which a perpetrator is found responsible usually require multiple victims coming forward about the same offender. Despite the high barrier of proof used in these investigations, despite the university’s certain knowledge that these people are threats, Stanford keeps this knowledge a secret.

Sign our petition and demand that Stanford release the names of sexual offenders that it has found responsible of sexual assault.

The truth is, we don’t know who is dangerous, whose innocent-seeming invitation to hang out may turn into a nonconsensual nightmare. But Stanford knows. At the moment, this information can only be circulated in whispers among survivors. And, though legally allowed by FERPA to release the names of people found responsible for sexual assault and misconduct by Title IX, Stanford knowingly hides this information.

We believe that Stanford chooses not to release these statistics because they would confirm what survivors on campus already know: numerous serial assaulters continue to live anonymously in dorms with the university’s knowledge of their pattern of assault.

Stanford publicly claims that expulsion is the default for people found guilty of sexual assault by Title IX. But the school has an alarmingly narrow definition of sexual assault, grouping all other consent violations, even those the state of California recognizes as rape, in the nebulous category of “sexual misconduct.” What happens in the cases of sexual assault and sexual misconduct that do not result in expulsion?

For the protection of its students, Stanford must act to make the identity of individuals found responsible of sexual assault and sexual misconduct known within the student body. This is an issue of campus safety: it leaves the entire community vulnerable to attacks from individuals who have been found responsible by Stanford.  

We walk this campus afraid for our own safety and the safety of our friends. We do not know who to trust. How can we regard this campus as our home when we unknowingly live, study, and socialize with predators found responsible by Stanford itself?  

Demand that Stanford keep us safe. Sign this petition and use #StanfordKnows to show your support.  

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