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Stand with Grace

AF3IRM and the Mariposa Center for Change stand firmly with Grace Grande, 40, and her two sons seeking political asylum from persecution, prosecution and possible bodily harm stemming from Ms. Grande’s refusal to continue as a concubine of a powerful politician nearly double her age.

More than five years ago, Ms. Grande decided to end her status as a mistress of a former congressman aligned with politically powerful dynasties in her home province. She came to the US to look at her options but found herself the target of malicious and false information given to ICE and even Interpol. Threatened with immediate deportation on the day of her second arrival in the US, Ms. Grande went into hiding. Her location was tipped-off to ICE, which forthwith raided the place and imprisoned her for six months.

She also had to fight a lengthy and costly child custody case against her man. Though she won this case, the man then filed a similar custody case in the Philippines, which he won. This added the threat of loss of her children if Grace and the kids are denied political asylum.


1) Deny the Philippine extradition order for Grace Grande

2) Political asylum for Grace and her two sons;

3) Strengthen the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to secure protections for immigrant women who are fleeing abusive situations;

4) Broaden T & U Visas that ensure the safety for victims of trafficking.

Grace is removing her sons from corrupting influence of corrupt politics, gambling and warlordism and it is urgent that Grace and her two sons be protected. If Ms. Grande is not offered political asylum at her upcoming hearing in September, she will be in imminent danger of persecution and physical harm.

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