Don't Mock the 'Big House': Engage with Current and Former Prisoners on KP's Future

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Whereas Kingston Penitentiary (KP) was Canada’s first colonial prison, pre-dating Confederation, and was one of many institutions integral to the systematic dispossession of the cultures, languages, and lands of Indigenous peoples;

Whereas KP was a site where people - prisoners and staff alike - lived, loved, suffered and died for almost two centuries;

Whereas KP has become a site for entertainment that relies on voyeurism for fundraising purposes, which makes light of imprisonment and acts as a form of symbolic violence that diminishes the suffering of captives and captors in the past at KP and at present in sites of human caging across Canada;

Whereas KP tours currently privileges the voices of former staff members and administrators, while excluding the voices of prisoners who should be meaningfully included in any memorialization of a past punishment site;

Whereas benefit concerts can be held in places other than KP that don’t desecrate the lives and deaths of former prisoners and penitentiary staff through a party;

Whereas musicians can use their talents as part of healing initiatives behind and beyond prison walls, rather than a rock concert at a decommissioned site of human suffering and death;

Whereas musicians and celebrities have a responsibility to use their platform in an ethical manner for just ends;

Whereas the United Way has a responsibility to work in a manner that empowers, rather than feeds into sensationalist imagery concerning those who’ve been criminalized; and

Whereas the United Way has a responsibility to use just means in their fundraising if they wish to promote just ends such as challenging stigma and ending inequality.

We the undersigned demand that (a) tours and other fundraising initiatives (e.g. "Rockin' the Big House" concert) at Kingston Penitentiary be transformed due to their unbalanced representation of imprisonment and punishment in Canada that exclude the voices of prisoners, and (b) that a representative group of current Kingston area prisoners and former KP prisoners should be invited to take a lead role in shaping tours and other uses of KP, including its use as part of the local United Way’s fundraising efforts. If current stakeholders are unwilling to meaningfully engage with the voices and standpoints of criminalized persons, we demand (c) that they should stop the use of KP altogether.


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