Spread Mental Health Awareness at Mounds View High School

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In the past 10 months, there have been 4 suicides at Mounds View High School. Two students ended their lives over the summer and another student ended their life this December. The most recent suicide was Tuesday, April 3rd. When someone ends their life, Mounds View sends out an few emails to offer counseling for a day, if they send an email at all.

Mounds View also does not offer very good services to the people struggling with mental health issues. Most of the students that are recovering only got help as a result of a parent or friend stepping up, not a teacher or staff member. Sometimes when students go to deans/teachers and tell them that a friend is struggling with a mental health issue, the deans/staff don't do anything. Many students have extracurriculars and take rigorous courses and are very prone to stress and feel as if they don't have anyone to talk to.

We have some changes to propose:

1.) Offer better counseling to the students (have more therapists there every day of the week). Have more resources more readily available so when someone has a mental health issue, they can talk to somebody.

2.) Set up an email account (a hotline) specifically for Mounds View students to contact mental health counselors if they or a friend feel anxious/depressed.

3.) Have a collective calendar where the teachers can schedule tests on separate days so that students will not have more than 2 tests on a given day.

4.) Enact a policy where any teacher who is aware of a student's mental health condition is required to step up and help.

5.) Set up a mandatory course (outside of health class, dedicated to purely mental health) for both students and teachers to increase mental health awareness.

6.) Hire a professional to assess and analyze Mounds View High School to get a third party opinion on what else needs to be improved.

7.) Decrease the amount of emphasis put on students' achievements (in newsletter, SchoolTalk, etc): it adds pressure to both the achievers and the vast majority who weren't able to achieve such great things. It also subconsciously spreads the message that only one's achievements are what's most valued instead of their true characters and mental health.

Even after 4 deaths of students who had bright futures in front of them, Mounds View High School did not make significant changes. It's time that we brought awareness to this situation and worked together to solve it.

~ pave the road to your own future.

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