2 de octubre de 2017
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Castellano - Català

In spite of what may seem, encounter, dialogue and understanding are possible, no matter how far our positions may seem.

We have launched this request as a group of concerned citizens and have tried to gather five people with different views and different views on the current moment in Catalonia. A meeting between people who share, above any other idea, that building agreement is only a matter of will.

We believe that if we were successful, our politicians can be as well.

Sign this petition to ask our political representatives to sit at a dialogue table, appointing mediators of their choice.

We propose to initiate, in parallel, two processes of dialogue and understanding:

1. A mechanism that engages participation forums that include all citizens, where all points of view are collected, as well as all needs, desires, and ideas for achieving a true social encounter. A mechanism that helps us express and build the society we want, not just the one we have inherited.

2. We ask our political representatives to resign OR sit down to dialogue and share the needs and requests of citizens. From this pooling would come consensual strategies and actions to be carried out.

Both processes should be facilitated by a team of mediators recognized by all parties involved.

If you also believe that dialogue and understanding are necessary, sign and share this request now. Your voice is important.

Note: This proposal is borne from a group of people of diverse provenance, political tendencies and identity sentiments, with an interest in mediation, facilitation, nonviolence, and nonviolent communication. It is not linked to any political party. You can find more information and the full video at

Petición cerrada

Esta petición ha conseguido 8402 firmas

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