Petition for a law for fair treatment for Spanish hunting dogs including compulsory microchipping.

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The treatment of Spanish hunting dogs, the Podenco and the Galgo is well documented as being barbaric. These dogs are inhumanely treated throughout their lives with no happy ending awaiting. The government in Spain must act to regulate ownership and treatment of hunting dogs. Many are abandoned, like Arion, a Podenco, pictured, who was found in a ditch, unable to get out, nearly dead in winter weather. Puppies have been found abandoned in bins. Many dogs are not lucky enough to be rescued. Many are cruelly killed to escape  humane euthanasia costs. Compulsory Micro-chipping would be a start, allowing owners of abandoned dogs like Arion to be traced and held to account. Legislation against cruelty towards these dogs would be a step further in the right direction This incredible cruelty has no place in a 21st century modern nation!