South Korea: Punish the monster in Yongin who illegally captured, brutally slaughtered, burned alive countless stray and wild animals in full view of other animals!

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South Korea: Punish the monster in Yongin who illegally captured, brutally slaughtered, burned alive countless stray and wild animals in full view of other animals!

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Carrie Ann Anderson started this petition to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Deputy Prime Minister Oh-Seok Hyun 현오석 국무총리겸 기획재정부 장관 and

We are shocked and appalled by the grotesque acts of a man in Yongin, South Korea ( who has been illegally capturing, brutally tormenting, burning alive, shooting in cold-blood and slaughtering countless stray and wild animals, all in front of other animals!!! This man is an evil monster and has violated many provisions of the Korean Animal Protection Act and many other laws by committing these despicable and unforgivable acts.

Below is a translation of the January 2nd, 2014 posting on KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates)’s website: Gunshot killing of stray cats! Illegal capture and brutal slaughter of stray dogs! We will report this man to the police!


KARA is reporting a man for the indiscriminate, illegal capturing and slaughtering of stray dogs and cats as well as wild animals.

A short time ago, KARA received a sickening tip. While drinking a cup of tea at a café in Yongin, the informant witnessed a man slaughtering a dog. In shock, the informant contacted KARA for help and from that day until now, KARA has been working tirelessly in order to secure evidence by investigating and questioning people around his home and his workplace at a golf course.

Today, Jan 2 2014, an elk was spotted in a cage at his house. Trying to save this elk from imminent slaughter, KARA reported this man to the police and to this very moment, we have been trying to locate the elk.

With the videos we obtained as basis, KARA will report this man to law enforcement for the illegal capture and cruel slaughter of stray animals, wild animals and the illegal use of guns. Of course we will also report him for the illegal manufacturing of traps. In addition to this we will report him for the violation of all applicable laws in order to request an investigation.

Since there is also a tip-off about some of these illegal captures taking place at the golf course where this man works, the investigation should also ascertain whether the golf course owner and his associates willfully neglected to report this or whether they also took part in these acts.

The judicial authorities must thoroughly and properly investigate for how long this has been going on and how many animals this man has brutally slaughtered, causing terror and suffering.  All possible provisions in the law should be applied and this man should be severely punished.

KARA will do our best to stop this man from continuing to perpetrate these despicable acts.

In addition, we will spread awareness to everyone that wild animals and stray or abandoned animals are all protected by our Animal Protection Act and the wild animal protection and management related laws. Anyone who kills, illegally captures or commits a cruelty to these poor animals, will be severely punished.

Warning: Graphic video images!!!

Slaughter and burning of an illegally captured, abandoned dog

 “While this man is cleaning his trap, the seemingly "dead" dog’s head drops to the ground. It could not be confirmed whether the dog was in a comatose state or dead. A white dog, tied up right next to where the man is processing the "dead" dog, is witnessing all of this and barking nervously.  From the other side the fence another dog in a cage is also watching.”

Brutal hanging of two abandoned dogs, suspected of being captured illegally

“This man drags the dogs out of a cage by means of snares around their necks and kills them by hanging. A medium-sized Balbari dog and a white Jindo dog (it could also be a Samoyed) are struggling to stay alive while in absolute agony! We can also see a kettle used to boil dogs killed in this way.   All of this in full view and hearing distance of the other dogs in the cages!”

Illegal capturing and killing by gunshot of a stray cat

“The man brings out a gun to kill a frightened cat. As he pulls the trigger, the cat jerks with pain and shock. The gun shot does not kill the cat and the cat tries to escape. The man brings the gun out again and shoots the cat for the second time.”


Please sign and share this petition to request a thorough, proper investigation of this case and severe punishment of this monster to the fullest extent of the law!

An estimated 2.5 million dogs and thousands of cats are tormented and brutally murdered in South Korea every year for human consumption.  South Korea must ban and end this cruel practice in order to prevent these heinous acts that plague their society with violence and apathy.

Currently there is a legislative bill to be voted on to strengthen the Animal Protection Act in South Korea. It's crucial that this bill passes in order to provide better protection and welfare for the animals of South Korea and to punish animal abusers like this psychopath. You can read more about it here:

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This petition had 25,314 supporters

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