South Eastern Pennsylvania Barbershop / Beauty salon Back to Work Safely Proposal

South Eastern Pennsylvania Barbershop / Beauty salon Back to Work Safely Proposal

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Michael Walker started this petition to Gov. Tom Wolf and


Our unified efforts are to communicate to our respective city and state governing bodies the guidelines we agree on that should be the new higher standard that would allow barbers to work safely while helping to flatten the curve of new cases of persons infected with the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. In accordance with the CDC

Our goal is to establish added guidelines initially set by the Pennsylvania State Board of Barbering, and the Order from the Secretary of the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health set on April 19, 2020. Consideration to allow barbers to return to work.

Mandate that all Pennsylvania barbershops acquire the required tools and products included in the following Back To Work Safely guidelines. Mandate that all Pennsylvania barbers follow the new processes and procedures included in the Back To Work Safely guidelines while operating. Mandate
that the only barbershops that can be opened are the barbershops pass a new inspection based on the existing guidelines with the addendum of the new guidelines included in Back To Work Safely guidelines.

Guidelines For the Back To Work Safely Proposal

1. All barbers in the barbershop must be certified by Barbicide   the online Barbicide Sanitation Course and have their respective certificates displayed for the public. All equipment needed to maintain in accordance to the Barbicide Sanitation Course must be present on every barber station. Such as disinfectant jar for combs, trays for sanitary and unsanitary implements and tools, two or more sets of combs, attachment combs, razor holders, shears, etc.

2. All barbershops must have a full stock of protective equipment at each barber station. Such as disinfectants, cleaning supplies, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and masks to cover nose and mouth.

3. Barbershop owners are responsible to have temperatures obtained from each person working in there establishment with a non contact thermometer and the right to refuse entry based on temperatures that indicate a fever has been obtained is permissible. Barbers are responsible for obtaining the temperature of each customer and the right to refuse service based on temperatures that indicate a fever has been obtained is permissible.

4. Place signs to notify clients of “safe practices” and new guidelines.

5. Hand sanitizers must be near the entrance and restrooms. All restrooms must have automatic dispenser with anti-bacterial hand soap and disinfectant wipes.

6. Clean and Disinfect all non-porous implements.

7. The center of all barber chairs must be no less than six feet away from the center of all barber and waiting chairs.

8. If needed (depending on shop layout) stations and waiting areas should be set 6 ft apart. Barbershop owners can also present a work schedule that documents alternating shifts of barbers that allow simultaneously
working barbers that are more than 6ft apart to follow CDC guidelines if their barber chairs are less than 6ft apart.

9. The barber may only provide services to customers on an appointment basis, i.e., walk-in services are not permitted. The booking system employed must obtain telephone contact information for each customer. If any barber, employee, or business owner test positive for COVID-19, the barber shall promptly notify all customers who received services in the 14-day period immediately preceding the date on which the barber is notified of such test results.

10. The appointment system must include the following waiver that must be agreed to by customers before they come to the establishment.


(Coronavirus) Waiver
We take our Staff, Guest’s health and well-being very seriously. Considering the recent development of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
in our State and as an added precaution, please read below and if you answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions, please let us know and
we will gladly reschedule your appointment to a later day and time.

o Have you recently traveled to any of the current High-Risk Areas / Countries?

o Have you been in contact with or exposed to anyone with Covid-19 (Corona Virus)?

o Do you have any flu like symptoms including Fever or Cough?

o Have you been to any facility where someone has been treated
with the virus?

By signing our sign in sheet you are confirming that;
1. You have not been exposed.
2. You do not have any symptoms .
3. Have not visited any of the High-Risk Areas / Countries.

11. The barber establishment can only service one customer / guest per practitioner in the establishment at a time not exceeding more than the required guidelines per CDC regulations.

12. Customers must wear masks at all times, with the only exception being when facial hair needs to be groomed. During the time that face masks are removed all talking is prohibited.

13. After each customer, the barber must clean and disinfect the area where services were performed , dispose of contaminated gloves, wash their hands, then change gloves while remaining in accordance with applicable guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Pennsylvania Department of Health.

14. E-Payment should be strongly encouraged.

15. Workstation must be cleaned and disinfected using the proper EPA registered disinfectants or wipes, such as Barbicide.

16. Freshly laundered towels and capes /disposables capes used on each client and placed in a closed receptacle.

17. Clean and disinfect all other tools, implements, exposed surfaces, carts, trashcans, or any other machines on a daily basis.

18. There should be no magazines, candy machine, or self serve items.

19. Inspectors should help with keeping the order and placing fines if the shop is in non-compliance.

20. Follow all current PA Laws and Barber Laws as written and available
on the PA Barber Examiners website.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!