Tell South Carolina Senators to Pass Alimony Reform and Stop Permanent Alimony

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My 66 year old husband has been forced to pay alimony to a woman he married at age 19.  They were married 7 years and did not have any children.  Since their divorce, his ex-wife has lived continuously with the same man for almost 40 years!  South Carolina law still demands, from his divorce settlement, that he pay her for the rest of his life.  We have taken this all the way to the State Supreme Court to ask them to recognize that his ex is in a marital relationship but the court has refused to hear the case and many others just like us.  

What makes this all the more terrible is that my husband has advanced heart disease.  He has had numerous heart attacks and was forced to take disability from his job, that he loved, in 2011.  So, even though he has been disabled, he is still required to pay this woman.  All this while his ex wife and her boyfriend flaunt, in local articles, their wealth, European travel and hobbies.  

These South Carolina antiquated laws are destroying many peoples and families lives.  No one should be required to pay alimony for life because of a mistake in marriage. The South Carolina Alimony Reform Association has been fighting for reform.  Right now the State Senate is reviewing a bill sponsored by the association to amend these laws and put limits on how long spousal support should be required.  

Please sign this petition to send a message to the South Carolina State Legislators that no one should be forced to be an annuity for life over a bad marriage.  Many states have reformed these laws and South Carolina needs to do it now.  You can also go to for additional information and updates.