South Carolina Autism Community Against S.1067

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The South Carolina legislature has been working diligently to find a way to ensure that individuals with autism receive medically necessary treatment. At this time there is a “compromise” bill being considered by the Senate. The “compromise” is allegedly between the autism community and the insurance industry/BCBS.
Undoubtedly the Senators behind this bill believe they are serving the autism community but we have been little heard in this process and significantly misunderstood. Not only is S.1067 an unfair “compromise” it is actually a setback to the autism community. It is a setback because it condones the disparate treatment of the autism community in its pursuit of health insurance coverage. It condones isolating the autism community to be treated differently than everyone else.

Additionally, S.1067 will require you to pay a second premium to get a rider that is added to  the health insurance that you already pay for. Why would we do that when there’s Medicaid’s TEFRA program? We certainly don’t need another welfare program to threaten funding to Medicaid’s autism program. 

Please sign this petition to ensure that the Senators realize the autism community itself does not want this bill. Indicate you are signing because you or a family member is impacted by autism. 

This is a pressing matter. The bill reaches the Senate floor next Tuesday, March 20, 2018. 


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