Take Down The Mugshots

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This is an important matter because by the SBPD having a Facebook page and uploading civilians mugshots allows those to get bullied and harassed on Facebook by people they know and don't know. I understand that what the SBPD is posting is public knowledge, but that doesn't mean Facebook is the correct use of media to use. This kind of news has always been put in the newspaper or shared on our local news broadcasts, and it should stay that way. Myself and others are not condoning what these civilians have done, we are simply stating that this should not be on Facebook due to it causing cyber-bullying. I strongly believe in this because I have friends who are now getting bullied and harassed on Facebook because of SBPD being able to have this Facebook. I want you to think if this was your friend this was happening to. Or if it were your brother, sister, cousin, mother, father, or even yourself. You wouldn't want it posted on a social media page for everyone to comment on. You wouldn't want people tearing you down, having them make you feel even worse than you already do. This can make a difference by helping stop cyber-bulling of some people who have just made a mistake. They might have had a choice, but choices we make can become mistakes.

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