Eviction Moratorium South Africa

Eviction Moratorium South Africa

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Over the past few months, we have watched Economically marginalised people being UNLAWFULLY, UNJUSTLY AND FORCEFULLY REMOVED from their homes in the midst of a Global Pandemic. 

Given the findings of Epidemioligist Prof Andrew Boulle pertaining to the affect of the COVID 19 Virus in the Western Cape , some of the most affected subdistricts have mortality of 600-700 deaths per million and that number is still rising. He believes that the eventual mortality rate could easily reach 1,500 per million matching high populated and economically balanced cities like Stockholm and New York. 

He also stated that comorbidity burdens in low and middle income communities are most likey to increase as well as the crucial point that the Western Cape is not a homogenous community, micro-epidemics within a country means that we still have extreme uncertainty into how the pandemic will play out.

Given the uncertainty in terms of health and economic confidence coupled with the imperative fact that the majority of the low and middle - income communities fall into the historically disadvantaged , the land redistribution crisis , and the high discrepency in wealth in South Africa we can correctly assume that the consequences of the pandemic will overwhelmingly affect the aforementioned communitites. 

The protection, comprimise and transformation of policies by the government local and general is therefore an ethical necessity in regard of evictions, housing and rent. The brutality and exposure of our marginalised communities is happening at the hands of government. This is counter to the right to safe and secure living conditions seen in The Constitution and advocated by Government during the pandemic. This coupled with the rise in cases of brutality and abuse by authorities and security forces towards marginalised and evicted communities.

We therefore demand :

1. All confiscated material be returned to their owners 

2. An Eviction Moratorium as well as a reasonable Rent Cut is implemented for the next 6 months beginning in August ending in January. An extension of this time has to be considered SHOULD the cases of contraction be high. 

3. Adequate housing be constructed for the homeless as well as any abandoned and unused spaces that qualify as secure living environment be allocated for those facing homelessness.

4.That these changes come in form of a "Pandemic Permit" that is acessible to all South Africans, Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

5.That any individual, company, landlord, public or private security that goes against this Moratorium and creates a situation of eviction, abuse and confiscation be held criminally responsible as per the PIE act.

6. Local government engage with commuity leaders and organisations concerned with housing, eviction and rentals in transforming policies and regulations that contribute to their economic, social and - in the case of indigenous peoples- ancestral violations.

We demand immediate action and a public dialogue around these matters and that all investigations, orders of evictions and confiscation be presented publically available to the awareness of all South Africans.

The government must listen and work with it's people in times of great need and potential mortality to improve their lives and circumstances. We face a great duty and responsibility to these communities in light of the devestating apartheid legacy and neocolonial threat that re-oppresses the same commuinities.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!