March for justice against gender based violence

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Gender-based violence (GBV) is a profound and widespread problem in South Africa, impacting on almost every aspect of life. According to a new government report, a woman is murdered every three hours in South Africa, and many are assaulted and raped before their death

we saw a nation unite when George Floyd  was killed by the police, all 50 states participated in peaceful protests to fight against an injustice that has left the country broken many times before. We plead to the law to give us the chance to stand together against one of our greatest injustices in South Africa and that is the rape and murder of women and children everyday. The global peace index stats show that the violence in South Africa is similar to countries at war or in conflict. the issue of GBV in South Africa is as serious as the issue of police brutality in the US and something should be done about it. 

As citizens there is not much we can do as it is up to the law to make sure that these perpetrators are punished accordingly. we however can make our voices heard, we would like to do this through a peaceful protest and we need your support.