Bring South African Families abroad home #saveourfamilies


Bring South African Families abroad home #saveourfamilies

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Frederick van Zyl started this petition to South African Government and

Thailand, Usually an exquisite paradise holiday destination of choice, which is frequented by countless South Africans has become their virtual prison. They have been stranded there following the #covid19 pandemic.

However, not everyone that is currently stranded in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and many more, are there because they went on holiday.
Many of them find themselves in this predicament because they left South Africa for a few years to work there. Most notably is the prevalence of South African teachers, teaching subjects such as English in Asian countries.

Due to the lockdown regulations in these countries, many of them are without any income whatsoever at the moment and find themselves in dire straits.
In one instance, a South African family is so destitute that they are currently provided and cared for by a Thai family.

They, and many others like them, have no income, no way out and because they find themselves sea-miles away from anything or anyone that remotely resembles friends or family, they have absolutely no support structure to carry them through these desperate times.

This motivated the urgency of this plight.

It transcends anything and everything we are "programmed" to believe and/or follow. This is something more important than political affiliation or orientation. All religions have a common attribute - love thy neighbor - and this pandemic does not have racist inclination.

It is with this mindset that we also need to tackle the problem facing our South African brothers and sisters who find themselves desperately in need and at the mercy of foreigners.

It is our duty as fellow citizens to apply pressure where needed and generate the funds required to #bringourfamilieshome. Most of these people possess unique skills, which are going to be desperately needed to rebuild the South African economy #postcovid19.

On a personal level many of these stranded friends and family members have dependents, whose very existence and survival depend on their timely and safe return.

Some of them are at the highest level of their very own family's support structure's hierarchy in South Africa and as such, whole family economies are at risk of total collapse if these individuals are not brought back to our shores as soon as possible.

In essence, we need to bring these people back, because we need them just as much as they need us. Yes, we are all individuals, but collectively we are the citizenry of this beautiful country South Africa. It is the individual citizen's ability to unite under the most trying of circumstances to form a collective unit facing all trials as one that sets the strong apart from the weak.

We have had two instances in South Africa with #rugbyworldcup95 and #worldcup2019, that proved that we, as a united nation, can reach miraculous goals.
Let us unite in the same manner for something far greater than to lift the coveted world cup trophy.

Lets unify to lift up our fellow South African brothers and sisters, who are much more important than our most coveted trophy and bring them back so that they can be reunited with us, here in South Africa.

We are going to need all hands on deck to undo what #covid19 has already done to our economy.

We thank you for taking the time to read this message and for taking the time to sign this uppermost important petition.

Concerned Family and Friends


This petition made change with 17,044 supporters!

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