SOS Denia, Spain – Say NO to the destruction of our beaches! Help protect our beaches!

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How is it possible that we are still permitting coastal building construction in areas where there is nothing left of the beaches or sand? The waves in these many areas are already pounding against the seawalls of private properties.

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For example: How is it possible that with such circumstances existing, on the coastal area of Les Marines, in Denia (Alicante) right at sea level, a new, luxury apartment building, consisting of 5 floors, is projected to be built? This is happening in a coastal area already badly damaged called Blay Beach. The once beach is almost totally eroded and has all but virtually disappeared.

These conditions should alone be sufficient reason to detain construction permission! This is also an obvious flood region of the coast as witnessed in the recent storms. Construction of these areas could only further damage this already suffering coastline. However, the paradox here is that not even the coastal laws are impeding construction.

Apparently, we have learned nothing from our past errors of the "construction boom" and destruction of our coasts continues... In Denia, in the Valencian country and all over Spain.

Have not the experts stated that it is imperative to reduce frontline construction, not increase it? Despite this advice, new harmfully damaging projects continue to be proposed, as is the case of "Las Olas" on the Dénia coastline. This project has become a stunning example of just what we shouldn't be doing! Similar cases exist from Catalonia to Andalusia and from Canary to Balearic Islands.

Help protect our beaches, they belong to all of us, our children and our grandchildren!!

Therefore, we ask those responsible:

DO NOT authorize this type of construction on the Dénia coastline! Please stop passing the bucket from one to the other and start collaborating together to form an integral plan to protect this beach and avoid its disappearance! A plan with long lasting solutions to save, stabilize and restore this endangered area, as well as all the beaches along the Dénia coastline.

Knowing that Dénia is not the only case in cause: Forbid future destruction of the Spanish coastline with similar building projects that do not respect our coasts! We need, once and for all, a strategy against the erosion of our coastlines, adapting them to the climate changes of the future. Above all, we need Coastal laws that will efficiently protect the beaches that are being lost!

Thank you!

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This petition is an initiative of the platforms Protejamos la Playa and SOS Natura Marina Alta.