Sony & PlayStation: Reduce the Price of PS Plus and use this option or Free Multiplayer.

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Please Reduce and Organize the price, because everyone in the PlayStation Community and Fans didn't like the way you made the price higher since September 22 2016, but you can use the idea of ours and please treat us nicely, because most players wanted to play online multiplayer, even people from "GRAND THEFT AUTO ONLINE" may affect as well... Try this, but don't Decline it or we will be disappointed. 1 month - $9.99 3 month -$17.99 6 month -$35.99 1 Year (12 months) - $49.99 1 Year and 3 months - $59.99 1 year and 6 months -$69.99 2 or 3 years -$99.99 or Try Free Multiplayer instead.