Get Sony to Make the Emoji Movie 2

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The Emoji Movie was a life-changing experience for me and many others. It was a good movie full of wonderful animation, and good life lessons for the future generation that needs more Emoji Movies to grow as people, including discovering how to make multiple faces and not being a boring bitch all the time. 

In our technologically driven world, emojis are more significant, hip and cool than ever. In fact, the only thing that's as hip and cool and lit every day, bro, is Jake Paul and Team 10. If the creative minds behind the Emoji Movie could create another movie that connected with audiences using the magical world of emojis, and matched that with the ever iconic power of Team 10, you could create a magnificent Emoji Movie Cinematic Universe: Where It's � Every Day, Bro.

However, we do realize that it was not critically acclaimed, due to an unfair bias against it by Jake Paul's neighbors and the KTLA "What are those?" guy, as part of their ongoing war against Jake and all things hip and cool, and for that reason didn't make a lot of money.

We do have a plan to make future Emoji Cinematic Universe films more profitable.

Step 1: put Jake Paul in the movie, so if anyone hates on it, he could just dab on all the haters. And if the haters dab back...... well, we'll get back to you. Block them on twitter in the mean time.

Step 2: Fidget Spinners. Where are all the fidget spinners, bro? I tried going to Toys R Us to buy my own High Five Fidget Spinner, but they were nowhere to be seen. What the fuck, bro? You should have sold them so the entire Fam Squad could buy them and make it the most profitable movie of all time.

Step 3: Have so many crossovers. You and Marvel did an okay job with Spider-Man: Homecoming, but what would really make a lot of money is if you crossed Emoji Movie over with better franchises, such as your film Surfs Up 2: Wavemania, or the upcoming Barbie movie, in which she fights He-Man. Or, how about director Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, which made $800 million worldwide. Isn't it cool how movies can do that?

Step 4: Expand to a broader audience. Make a rated R Emoji Movie, much like this year's critically acclaimed Logan, or last year's Deadpool. These movies succeeded because people killed each other violently and said the fuck word every five minutes. Why are you limiting yourselves, Sony?

I hope I've convinced you guys that an Emoji Movie 2 would be profitable and a good idea. I look forward to seeing you guys getting all the Oscars at the Academy Awards next year.