Solve the Taman Shud mystery by identifying "Somerton Man"

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The "Taman Shud" case ( is one of Australia's most compelling mysteries, and interest in solving this case has resurged in recent years. This is due to both advances in technology - offering more possibilities for identifying this man and possibly resolving the mystery - and the publication of a book on the latest developments, "The Unknown Man: A suspicious death at Somerton Beach", by former detective Gerry Feltus (

In October 2011, the Attorney-General, John Rau, denied a request for exhumation by Adelaide University's Professor Derek Abbott, stating "There needs to be public interest reasons that go well beyond public curiosity or broad scientific interest." (

Let us demonstrate to the Attorney-General that the public curiosity and interest is not fringe, but widespread and significant, and request that he revisit this decision. Given that the case has also given rise to many conspiracy theories already, the involvement of the government in hindering efforts to resolve the case conclusively can only add fuel to such conspiracy theories, and is also contrary to the principle of open, transparent, and democratic governance.