Stop streaming now!

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Since the business of "streaming", the music business and the film industry have been affected more than 80% of its revenue . Loosing thousands of jobs, and thousands of opportunities for new talent.

The investments, if any, resides on popularity on channels such as YouTube or Instagram, which are good platforms for marketing campaigns or media. However it shouldn't be a media in order to find talent.

Nowadays, the business is mostly in hand of TV companies who first try to make them famous on TV to then release them as artist, singers etc. Nothing wrong with that, but it shouldn't be the only resource. The streaming is obligating the music business to rely on TV channels and "popularity contests" (just to label some resources). 

When was the last time you've heard of a super star after the year 2000? Unless it came from a TV channel, the record companies do not have the means to invest in artists anymore, not even to mention to invest in new technology.

The streaming business give millions, of not billions to a few, when it must be a business for millions, which ended with the usage of streaming. 

Technology is not killing the music business, is the format of streaming.

Platforms such a YouTube, Netflix, Facebook and you name it, are good for business, just to clarify that I am not advocating to end their existence, the format of listening or watching as much as you want for a small fee must be stopped in its tracks immediately! 

For better investments, for more jobs, for better opportunities to everyone around the world. Stop the streaming business and stop it now!