Reintroduce the Paris-Brussels-Berlin night train route by 2022!

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Connecting three major European capitals (Berlin-Brussels-Paris) by night train is essential in times of climate emergency!

Until 2014, it was possible to travel between Paris and Berlin thanks to a night train operated by the SNCF and the Deutsche Bahn. According to the operators, this line has been closed for budgetary reasons.

This decision is particularly pitiful from the current perspective because:

•  Many new connections are opened throughout Europe (including the recent Vienna-Brussels connection), demonstrating their economic relevance;

•  The demand for night trains is constantly increasing for existing lines in Europe;

•  The environment is a priority for the French, German, Belgian and European citizens and their governments;

•  Closing this line profited the only available alternative: the airplane – a highly polluting means of transport that emits immense amounts of CO2.


On the occasion of the Elysee-Treaty celebrating Franco-German friendship, shortly after the announcement of a European Green Deal and only a few months away from the German presidency of the European Union (which will only increase the number of travellers between Brussels and Berlin every day), reopening the Paris-Berlin line, via Brussels, is a necessary decision.

With new, high-quality trains, regular and punctual service and affordable fares, this line will connect European citizens and offer them a way of travelling that is in line with their beliefs and with our planet.

Dear SNCF, dear SNCB, dear Deutsche Bahn and above all dear German, Belgian and French governments,
we urge you to reintroduce the Berlin-Brussels-Paris night train service as a first step in the revival of night trains in Europe.