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Remove Dangerous Snapchat Filter

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A teenager in Georgia was driving home from work last year, when she pulled out her phone and opened her Snapchat app. She wanted to clock how fast she was going, and Snapchat’s Miles Per Hour (MPH) filter allowed her to do just that, posting a selfie with her MPH emblazoned over it. She sped faster and faster, eventually hitting 107 miles per hour, before colliding with a vehicle in the next lane and causing its driver excruciating pain, months of hospitalization, and lasting traumatic brain injury.

Driving while distracted by cell phones is known to be a leading cause of car accidents in the US: A 2014 study found that cell phones are responsible for 1 in 4 crashes. And, according to the CDC, young drivers under the age of 20 -- who happen to be Snapchat’s main target demographic -- are at a highly increased risk of these kinds of distraction-related accidents. Given these horrifying statistics, Snapchat’s choice to include an MPH filter among its options is not only irresponsible, it is very dangerous.

Corporations must be held responsible for the part they play in encouraging risky behavior. Snapchat is knowingly adding to the body count of teens whose lives -- and whose victims’ lives -- are tragically cut short by preventable accidents. Snapchat has been sued for this very issue, and its response is that it takes measures to discourage reckless driving by displaying a ‘Do NOT Snap and Drive’ warning message in the app. It is good that Snapchat does such a thing, but now it must remove the MPH filter altogether.

Please join me in calling on Snapchat to take real initiative to prevent its product from being a catalyst for future road deaths. Tell Snapchat to remove its MPH filter immediately.

Note: This petition is for the removal of the MPH filter and NOT a call for Snapchat users to boycott the app or sue the makers.

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