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Gadhimai Temple: Unlicensed illegal slaughter house in Nepal - Naresh Kadian

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Gadhimai temple is a unlicensed illegal slaughter house:

Ban illegal animal import from India to Nepal: Sick, injured, diseased animals are being imported to Nepal from India, violating the set procedure of the Indian Establishments and these animals will be sacrificed at Gadhimai adopting barbaric techniques, their meat will effect the environment and health of Nepali community, citizens lives in danger, please STOP illegal animal import from India.
It is further submitted that animals are being slaughtered in Nepal violating rules and regulations, please ban illegal slaughtering of animals in Nepal, introduce strong rules and regulations for animal welfare, to increase revenue for the Government through tourism and import of healthy animals, where as the License to produce, sell / distribute biological products (chicks, fish, meat etc) is also necessary in Nepal, which is openly violated because the purpose of this import license: To systematise and develop the animal husbandry business and to provide necessary arrangement relating to production, distribution and selling of animal products or other biological products for general interest of the general public, hence STOP violation of Animal Health and Livestock Services Act, 2055 (1999), Section 10,11,17 and,19.

Shut down Gadhimai unlicensed and illegal slaughter house.

It would also be pertinent to mention here that then Union Minister of Commerce and Industry and Mr. Rajendra Mahto, Nepalese Minister of Commerce and Supplies signed the 2009 India-Nepal Treaty of Trade and Agreement of Cooperation to Control Unauthorized Trade. The 2009 Trade Treaty revises the 1996 Trade Treaty between the two countries. The 1996 Treaty has been a turning point in the trade relations between the two countries and resulted in phenomenal growth of bilateral trade from Rs. 28.1 billion in 1995-96 to Rs. 204.8 billion in 2008-09. While the Nepalese exports to India increased from Rs. 3.7 billion to Rs. 40.9 billion, the Indian exports to Nepal increased from Rs. 24.4 billion to Rs. 163.9 billion during the period -1995- 2009. As per article 9 (b) of the India-Nepal treaty of Trade Agreement of Cooperation to Control Unautherized Trade agreed to introduce mechanism, to protect human, animal with plant life, where as animals are being illegally traded, shifted from India to Nepal adopting very cruel practices, especially during Gadhimai temple festival and these illegally smuggled animals are being slaughtered over temple premises, which is not a recognized slaughter house by the Govt. of Nepal. It would be pertinent to mention here that animal trading is not a exempted trade under this agreement and export-import licenses are mandatory, hence these kinds of illegal animal smuggling, creating heavy loss of revenue to the both Countries, hence Ministry of Commerce may kindly take up the matter of illegal smuggling of animals from India to Nepal, where as Hon'ble Supreme Court of India passed directions twice. The United Nation affiliated OIPA "International Organisation for Animal Protection" - Indian People for Animals along with Animal Welfare Party demands that a joint task force may kindly be introduced, to control illegal smuggling of animals from India to Nepal. It is also intimated that  the India-Nepal Joint Commission, which was formed in 1987 with the aim of meeting every two years in the two capitals, its 3rd meeting was held here after 23 years and illegal animal smuggling needs attention.The Nepalese Government provides significant funding, which makes this festival possible at its terrifying scale. In 2009 the Government paid over £32,000 for animals to be sacrificed. That’s almost 50 times the minimum Nepalese annual wage. We are calling on the Nepalese government to stop this funding as well.

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