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Kpop Entertainments need to acknowledge and help treat Idol's Mental health issues

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Korean Celebrities committing suicide isn't uncommon. Lee Eunju, Kim Daul,  U; Knee, Jeong Da-Bin, Choi Jinsil, Choi Jin-young, Sojin, Park Yong-Ha, Jang Ja-Yeon, etc; are all very famous cases of Celebrity suicides. And now today, on December 18, 2017, Kim Jonghyun, former vocalist of the popular five-member group; SHINee, tragically joins the distressing list. Why is it that many celebrities are committing suicide? There are many factors in one deciding to commit suicide, but the common one is due to depression. 

Depression, whether you like it or not, is very common in K-pop idols. Famous idols like Gd and Top from Big Bang, After School Lizzy, Suzy from Miss A, Yoong from Bts, Jo-Kwon,  Taeyeon from SNSD, Park Bom and Jonghyun all have discussed their struggles with depression.  But for some odd reason, it isn't really acknowledged in the Kpop Industry. There have been many cases of idols seeking help with their mental illness and getting into huge scandals because of it. Sure, there are times where Kpop industries try to help their employees, but they don't do enough. Instead of blacklisting, ignoring, or making their idols stay in long hiatus to reflect on their actions, entertainment companies need to start acknowledging mental health issues more and try to do whatever they can to treat them. If their idols need therapy; hire personal therapists that can meet one on one with to help them through their problems. If they need medicine; help them find legal medicines they can take to help them. Give long seminars that discuss mental health issues and other issues like eating disorders and ways to help each other. 

I know this won't bring them back, I know this is not as easy as I make it, I know that it might not change a thing, but if I can prevent even a single idol from committing, it  would make feel like I've accomplished something 

I feel like when we put idols on such a high pedestal, we tend to forget that they are human too. We forget that they have feelings, dreams, hopes, regrets like everyone else and we act as if they are perfect little porcelain dolls that we can "control" Its about time we do something for these idols that have done so much for us. It's about time we acknowledge that they are human. And it's about time we recognize that mental health issues in idols and other is very prominent and will only get worse if we don't do something to stop it or at least lessen potential suicides.  For Jonghyun, for all those amazing celebrities who committed suicide or are contemplating it, let's protect them and have Entertainment industries acknowledge these prominent mental health issues. 

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