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Viatrix Briony started this petition to SM ENTERTAINMENT and

In line with the current news, in behalf of the NCTzens, and the K-pop fans, we STRONGLY decline the upcoming project that SM is to launch. To further explain we would like to bring in 6 points to our refusal and request for SM to abruptly cancel the program, namely;

1. Possible breach of Security due to Sasaengs that can easily pull false personation and crimes alike.

2. Lack of Attention and Treatment to the current NCT Members.

3. There is no current fixed unit for Sungchan and Shotaro.

4. There are other promises that are yet to be fufilled by SM.

5. The unit can just be another group instead of a unit with NCT.

6. Isn't there already SuperM to promote in America?

Let's start with the Possible Breach of Security. As you may know, sasaengs, or obsessive fans are known to go extreme measures for their idols. With the current show holding auditions, we never know who can be pretending to be a hopeful for the sake of getting closer to their idols only. Although there will be background checks and the alike, chances are they will mostly fake it, and get away with the said false documents. One example of a sasaeng that we are looking out on who can forge his own documents for the show is Oli London (e.g. Age and Nationality as he classified that his "Nationality is fluid" [Twitter, @OliLondonTV , 7:06am). As SM is known to lack protection for their idols, we are strongly advising that they shall put down the program for this.

It is also stated in the laws of the United States and The Republic of Korea that "Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself to be a citizen of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both." and "A person who uses a third party's resident registration certificate improperly" is subject to criminal punishment based on the Resident Registration Act, and "making a document by assuming the capacity of another person and submitting it to related organizations" can fall under the Criminal Act against counterfeiting personal documents and using of falsified private document." (18 U.S. Code § 911 - Citizen of the United States. (n.d.). LII / Legal Information Institute. Retrieved May 7, 2021, from | What does Korean law say about identity theft? (2018, April 1). Koreatimes.

With NCT Hollywood in the making, we also suspect a base of lacking attention to the current NCT Members, which will be connected to the factor that newly added members, Shotaro Osaki, and Sungchan Jung are yet to be added in their fixed units. Likewise, NCT Dream are yet to have their comeback "Hot Sauce" on the 11th of May, and upcoming projects from other members are yet to be announced. It can be possible that this unit maybe focused more than the members who are fully booked and some who just need some content for themselves or their respective units. We clearly voiced out that the said two members should be having their units by now, yet you chose to prepare a completely different unit. We also asked for content for other members, yet you silently refused us. Listen to us.

As the third point is already connected to the second, I'll proceed to the fourth. As SM held auditions for a new boy group earlier in the year (Source), we are yet to wonder how that upcoming boy group is. With the new reality that will form this unit, we are to ask again, to sort out your earlier projects and promises. Sure, you have heard our demands to 7Dream and their full album, but there were more petitions to that before them. Where were the other promises you gave us SM? If you held auditions for SMNBG, and also added Sungchan and Shotaro to NCT, why aren't you focusing on them?

For the next, and I personally would say the simplest point of this narrative, the output of this "survival reality" can be a different group instead. Although the concept of NCT is to expand in target countries, we think that the image of full American men can affect the whole image of NCT themselves. Although, it can't be easy enough to explain, it's best that the "unit" can simply just be a different group.

Lastly, didn't you have "The Avengers of K-Pop", or SuperM to promote in America ONLY, and have their group "unite the Korean and American music industries"? Their discography so far hasn't had a recession, so why launch that, and as mentioned, focus on the group that YOU assigned to do the favor of American promotions, even if some members are yet to enlist?

To conclude this, we strongly ask you and the team behind this show to read through this again, reconsider all that you've invented for this program, and take down this NCT Hollywood once and for all. We are extremely concerned of NCT, and we despise your company of giving them mistreatment, especially with something like this.

Treat your artists better, consider that they look up to you for protection and shelter.

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