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Ban the disgusting fur trade.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Our First Lady has refused to wear fur. That is a good start. However, the United States of America is still accepting skins from over seas, especially Asia, where the most incredibly brutal forms of fur farming take place. The skins are processed for wear and formed into "fashion" by some of the top designers in the U.S.

Sadly, the most humane form of fur farming is anal and genital electrocution. Other forms of animal slaughter for the fur industry include head bashing, neck breaking, and live skinning. Animals of all types have their heads bashed with sticks, metal rods, and many other blunt objects before being skinned alive. Some are hoisted in the air by their back feet in order to have their heads pounded on the ground, very few die that way. They too, are then skinned alive.

In China, cats and dogs who were once someone's pet are stolen from their homes just to be shoved in tiny cages. These animals are compacted so tightly that their little feet hang out and once they arrive at the factories, the cages are thrown from the tops of trucks. In these scenarios, the animals legs, backs, and necks are broken and injured. They will suffer great pain with no veternarian care before going to slaughter.

The importation of these skins by the United States says that our government supports these horrible forms of animal torture, all in the name of FASHION. We, as Americans, urge you to ban the fur trade altogether in the United States of America.

Mary Poole