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Save Healthcare Training at the University of Leeds

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Healthcare Training in Critical Condition at the University of Leeds, Sign the Petition

The School of Healthcare at Leeds University is under a twin threat, externally through Government Health Service reconfigurations and cuts, and internally through a desire by the university to push the School through a one size fits all model of research excellence that has more to do with league tables than with the quality of education, professional training and vocational practice. Leeds University’s push towards research and academic metrics is at odds with what the general public need the School of Healthcare and the NHS to deliver – professional and highly-trained midwives, nurses, social workers, radiographers, audiologists, pharmacists, counsellors, psychotherapists, and cardiac physiologists.


The School provides degree, postgraduate and CPD level training to NHS clinical staff and ensures continuing high levels of professional care within the NHS nationally and it offers unique modules provided by clinically trained staff to other degree schemes, ensuring their relevance in providing support for health services. The School works closely in partnership with clinical stakeholders in the NHS.


The high level of clinical and social care available in West Yorkshire and beyond owes, in no small measure, a debt to the School. Many of the NHS staff that the people of West Yorkshire depend on have had their training in the School.


Current plans in the University seem set to lead to:


1) the closure of: Pharmacy, Audiology, Cardiac Physiology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

2) the possible closure of Diagnostic Radiography and Social Work

3) the retention of Nursing and Midwifery, subject to “transformation of the staff base."

The Review that the University has initiated seems likely to have unintended consequences and to impact on:


1) National skills shortages

2) The national importance and reputation of some of the disciplines within the school

3) The quality of education available to students

4) The need of local people (many of them women returners) to be able to study in Leeds

5) The quality of clinical care available in West Yorkshire and surrounding areas.


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"I call on the University of Leeds to withdraw all threats to the provision of training and the conduct of research in the School of Healthcare and to the careers of the highly dedicated workforce who staff the school."

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