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Although some were not surprised about California's upholding of Prop 8, our anger only gathered and intensified. I ask all the writers, poets, and lyricist to write against this wrong and sing out against hate. Let these lyrics of pain, pride, passion, and love ring in the minds and hearts of our US house, Senate, President, and our state house, senates and governors.

To join in this petition first Write your song, or piece of poetry

Then copy, and paste your lyrics below in the letter where it says (paste lyric here)

They will be emailed to our government officials.

Let us show them the power of our hearts and let them know that like the civil rights movements of the past will too will sing for our freedom. Let Freedom Ring!

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
As our government has tipped toed around our perilous circumstances we have stood the test of time. We have survived centuries of bigotry and we have finally had enough. As more states allocate out our freedoms to be deemed by the public instead of ourselves, we have been second classed. We have seen animals recieve more rights that ourselves or our families. Time and Time again we see ourselves defeated, dehumanized, and destroyed. If this is a new era of change then we demand it. Our ancestors, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters of this planet have all cried out for freedom and received it, while we were left behind. Now when we cry we are silenced by the same traditional, anti humane ideologies. Like our ancestors we will make freedom ring for our people with the power of our writings, the power of our hearts, and the power of our humanity. Let my writing show you the pain I face every day as a second class citizen of this country, the hope I carry in my heart, and the love that should never be despised. If all court cases, tears for the fallen, and legislations haven't shown you that we deserve our equal rights; then let my lyric speak to your heart.  Let Freedom Ring!

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