Please bring back the Pass/Fail System

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The pandemic (COVID-19) has been a stressful and overwhelming experience in many people's lives. One of the many groups affected by COVID-19 are students. The quality of education has dropped, yet the standards and expectations remain as high as they would be in an in-person class at Simon Fraser University. Covid-19 is still prevalent and many students are still facing health, family, and financial concerns.

The Summer semester has seen students face more stressful situations than last semester such as the BLM protests which has affected many students and their families. Despite SFU warning us that courses will be online some students did not have the option to opt-out of studying whether it be for international student status, family pressures, scholarship requirements as a result some students had no choice but to take classes to maintain their full-time student statuses. Many students agree that the quality of education at Simon Fraser University has decreased but expectations have stayed the same. Additionally, with the world collapsing around us and the fact that we do not have the full support from Simon Fraser University many student’s mental health has deteriorated

The reason for this petition is to bring back the P/F grade system for as long as online classes continue. It's harder to engage with the class and the professor, and office hours tend not to be as effective when done online. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on students' mental health. The self-isolation, along with the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic are real issues that hinder a student's performance. Many students have lost family members or have been affected by the pandemic. In light of this, we feel that it's only reasonable that SFU brings back the P/F grade system for at least one course that student takes in a semester.

We understand that SFU is only following government regulations but this pandemic is a very stressful experiences for a number of people in the world and not only students. Online education is not comparable to in person. Not only is it harder to engage, and harder on students' mental health, the quality of education we are getting is severely compromised Many Students feel helpless because they are not able to get the help they need for their courses and it feels as if many students are having to teach themselves course concepts.

SFU prides itself as being one of the most engaged universities in the world yet many students feel alone and have no support from the university during this difficult time.

We kindly ask that Simon Fraser University brings back the pass/fail system for at least one course for students who are enrolled in classes. Students at Simon Fraser University need the University`s support now more than ever.