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The class of 2020 and their families do not agree with an online graduation!

We have worked so hard to get to this point in our lives, it is unfair to us graduating students, to only have a chance to celebrate at an online ceremony. 

We would prefer that the ceremony be postponed until the summer or fall.

Graduating is a big event in our lives. It’s not just about getting our diplomas, it’s about sharing these memories with our friends and family’s and walking across the stage to celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Please invest the time in figuring out how we can have our ceremony in a group event instead of online. This is the day we have all been looking forward to, since the first day of grade 9. 

It feels like we have lost most of our grade 12 year, it doesn’t even seem like we are graduating. We have dresses and suits we won’t wear, prom-posals that will be missed out on, after prom is cancelled, so many memories that were supposed to be the highlight of our last year together, gone to an online ceremony. 

Please don’t cancel our graduations, but find an alternative and reschedule so these memories still have a chance,