ANTIFA should have to play by the same rules as everyone else on social media. Suspend now

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Recently, Alex Jones and InfoWars were censored by Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and other social media and big tech platforms.

Twitter then suspended Gavin McInnes and his fraternity, the Proud Boys. Media tried to fake a connection between the McInnes and his enemies in the alt-right.

With Silicon Valley suspensions flying around, why hasn't Antifa, the paramilitary arm of the Resist movement, been banned from social media?

Antifa calls themselves anti-fascist, but they're anything but. They have a manual that trains them in terroristic tactics (Black bloc). They've bloodied journalists and conservatives in the streets. They're committed to violence and organized in very much the same way that Al Qaeda's terror network is.

Social Media should not be a home for left-wing, violent radicalization.

America cannot afford for another leftist to gun down a dozen GOP Congressmen at a baseball field or attack a US Senator in his own yard.

Antifa is violating the Terms of Service of big tech and should be permanent suspended from all platforms. 

Tell the CEOs of Silicon Valley that Antifa and Democrats should play by the same rules as everybody else! Please spread the word. 

Enforce the rules: suspend Antifa.