Support scientific research to save lives, "The Ocean, a hope for life"

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The ocean is a precious source of solutions for human health. Many treatments have been found via oceanic research. The NGO Pure Ocean, at the initiative of this petition, finances oceanic research projects on biodiversity, climate and health themes. Your signature will help us urge public authorities and major donors to step-up support for research related to the ocean.

Health and Life come first
Today, a "simple" virus makes us realize that there is nothing more important than health. 4 billion people under lockdown worldwide. Already, tens of thousands of lives lost, including, perhaps, your loved ones.

There will be other pandemics.
We must question our lifestyle choices. Destruction of natural habitats, climate change, effects of globalization and unrestrained resource consumption enable the emergence of new epidemics.

But solutions do exist. In Nature.

The Ocean, a hope for life
The ocean is a precious source of solutions for human health.
Thirteen Nobel Prizes in medicine have been attributed thanks to oceanic research.
A treatment for advanced breast cancer was derived from a sea sponge.
A protein from an algae is used to fight a virus similar to Covid-19.
Currently, many marine compounds with antiviral properties are tested worldwide.

We must support oceanic research to anticipate emerging diseases, to find future treatments and a new Human-Nature relationship.

You too can change the world

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• We need to devote more resources to oceanic research for health, climate and biodiversity
• I ask all public and private actors to commit to funding research programs related to the ocean
• I invite all those who can to finance the innovative research projects selected by Pure Ocean's scientific committee 

Pure Ocean, at the origin of this petition "The Ocean, a hope for life", is an endowment fund eligible for patronage. It finances innovative oceanic research projects on biodiversity, climate and health themes.

------ FIRST SIGNATORIES -------
Françoise Gaill
, President of the Pure Ocean Scientific Committee and Vice-President of the Ocean & Climate Platform, Emeritus Research Director of CNRS
Gilles Bœuf, Research Director at Banyuls-sur-Mer Observatory, Professor at Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University, President of the Scientific Board of the French Agency for Biodiversity, former President of Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Kartik Shanker, Professor, Evolutionary Ecologist, and researcher at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Founder trustee of Dakshin Foundation, a coastal and marine conservation NGO, former President of the International Sea Turtle Society and Regional Vice-Chair of the IUCN
David Sussmann, President of Pure Ocean and CEO of Seafoodia

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