Appeal to the Parliament of India to Institute an Annual Two-Day Session on Women's Issues

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Women are an integral part of society and we must consider their best interests and protect them from any form of oppression. Unfortunately, since the last decade, India has developed its reputation as a nation that has failed to protect its women from its very own people. India is globally proclaimed as “Rape Capital of World” and one of the most dangerous countries for women.

Right from basic education to financial and personal freedom, Indian women are suppressed at each and every level. Our society throws numerous challenges in their path and creates multiple barriers. There is a need for a fundamental shift in mindsets, systems, and processes to remove misogyny and create an enabling environment for women.

Indian political hierarchy should be responsible to show the right direction in order to improve the poor reputation of India regarding women's rights.

We can never make an ideal and harmonious society if we overlook the prevailing women’s issues in our country. Despite some good initiatives by the political leadership, problems faced by women which debilitates them, still prevail.

We are writing this petition to appeal to the Parliament of India to take the first step towards the biggest social challenge of our nation that is “How to make India an Ideal Country for Women”. We want the supreme democratic body of our country to take lead in driving the social, economic and systemic transformation towards creating a country in which women can walk with their head held high without fear of crime, oppression, bias, and exclusion.

Please sign this petition if you agree that we are raising a serious concern regarding India and its women.

In order to bring women issues under the spotlight and restoring women’s trust in the political leadership, Parliament of India must organize two days annual session focused on the prevailing issues of Indian women. A focused discussion in the house, on the status and standards of women, women security, women's rights to education and politics, should do wonders to make women strong.

This would be an innovative step taken in history and will go in the annals of parliamentary traditions as one of the most welfare-oriented step for women.

Kindly sign the petition and make women strong. #NariKeDoDin

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