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Recently congress voted to delist the gray wolves of the Northern Rocky Mountain region from the Endangered Species Act and turn 'wolf management' over to the states.  This decision was NOT based on science, but rather on the demand of special interest groups, and political agendas.  More recently,  Michigan congress woman, Candace Miller, proposed to delist ALL the wolves in America from federal protection and turn them over to the states.  

In the past state management has proved to be disasterous for wolves, driven to the brink of extinction!  This time promises to be no different as the states gear up with enthusiatic hunters and webpages anticipating arrowing wolves to death, luring them with scent and recorded callings, trapping them in steel traps and snare traps, poisoning, and shooting.    Many governors of these states are avid hunters and in the 'extreme' anti-wolf camp.  Some sites even advising how 'not to kill the wolf instantly, but to let him suffer longer' . THEIR words!

We simply cannot turn our wolves over to the states.  If ever science determines that the wolf is not an endangered species, these animals must continue to be managed by the federal government under a different category.  Wolves are an iconic keystone predator, keeping herds healthy and ecological systems balanced. 

Letter to
Secretary of the Dept of Interior Ken Salazar
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
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President of the United States
We, the signed, request that you immediately reinstate the gray wolf to the Endangered Species List. We also request that all of America's wolves be placed under the protection of the federal government, PERMANENTLY.

Attempts before of allowing states to get involved in wolf management have been nothing short of disasterous with the wolves hanging on the brink of extinction. State reports on populations of wolves are skewed and questionable. The extreme anti-wolf groups in the states have made no attempt to hide their enthusiasm to exterminate wolves. Blogs, websites, internet and Facebook pages have boasted of their plans to arrow wolves to death, lure them with scent and recorded callings, trap wolves in steel leghold traps, snare net traps, poison, and shoot wolves. Hunting tags to kill wolves have been sold in record numbers, with no limit of tags set. In addition, governors of many of the states are avid hunters and known to be anti-wolf. You cannot not imagine the campaign of hatred that exists toward wolves or how much danger they are in, until you repeatedly read postings from anti-wolf groups about 'not aiming, too directly, so that the wolf will NOT die instantly, but suffer longer''; THEIR words.

Science did not play a role in the delisting of the gray wolf this time around; it was pressure from special interest groups, in the 11th hour of the budget cuts, which threw wolves under the bus and weakened the entire Endangered Species Act. Wolves are a keystone predator to keep herds healthy and ecological systems in balance. I'm sure you do not want your legacy to be remembered as 'the administration that massacred American wolves into extinction'. The wolf has been maligned through lies, legends, fairy tales, and most recently through fear-mongering at town hall meetings, and political agendas. In truth, the wolf is an iconic, majestic, intelligent, independent representative of the true free-spiritness that is America, as well as an historic and spiritually sacred animal of native Americans.

If science ever does conclude that the wolves are no longer endangered in numbers, they STILL MUST REMAIN PROTECTED AND UNDER FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MANAGEMENT, perhaps under a different category than 'endangered', perhaps as 'a persecuted animal', as they surely are. Whenever the apex predator for a region is removed, the ecology of that region goes haywire! One just has to look at what happened when the wolves were removed from Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone began to die with overgrowth of some foilage, and disappearance of vital foilage causing birds and mammals to leave the area. The mistake was recognized and 30 million taxpayer dollars later, wolves were reinstated into the park! Now Yellowstone fourishes once again and eco-tourism, most of it to see wolves, have repaid the cost and made a profit of an additional 6 million. Wolves keep herds healthy, trophy hunters, indiscriminately, take the best of the elk herds.

The congressional decision to delist the wolves was UNLAWFUL (Boston Law School), and underhanded and must be rectified immediately. Finally, President Obama, we ask that you NOT sign into law any legislation that would give individual states the power to manage wolves. We are also aware of the International Conservation Law, under THE UNITED NATIONS WORLD CHARTER FOR NATURE, of which all members of the United Nations must obey (including the U.S.A), and which states: if a country fails to protect its endangered animals, the citizens of the country, then have the RIGHT to do so!

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