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SAVE domestic programs that protect low-income Americans, build the middle class and safeguard our national infrastructure 

Join responsible elected officials in calling for a reversal to the March 1 sequestration budget cuts! 

On March 1, “sequestration” – automatic, across-the-board cuts to the nation’s “discretionary” budget – began to drastically reduce programs and services that allow the survival for millions of low-income Americans and keep the middle class from sliding into economic distress. The indiscriminate cuts will also damage vital federal services that keep us all safe. 

The sequester goal is to cut $1.2 trillion out of domestic and military budgets over 10 years. If it is not stopped, sequestration will mean $55 billion per year in arbitrary reductions to domestic programs and another $55 billion a year to the defense budget. 

The unconscionable cuts will indiscriminately slash programs and opportunities for low-income working families, children, youth and seniors, and dangerously reduce staffing for federal programs such as air traffic control, medical research, environmental protection and many more.

The New York Times called sequestration a “mindless government austerity program” and warned that more than a million jobs will be lost if the cuts go through. Many economists say it will spell disaster to economic recovery and is the worst possible way to reduce the federal budget. 

The automatic, across-the board budget reductions, scheduled in a 2011 Congressional “deal”  when lawmakers battled over whether to raise the debt ceiling, were rescheduled from January 1 to March 1, 2013 during this New Year’s “fiscal cliff” crisis. 

The programs will be hit by the sequester include Head Start, heating assistance, housing programs, women’s health, medical research, aid to cities and towns, school aid, environmental protections, food inspection, air traffic control and many more.

These cuts won’t save money. They will cost American taxpayers more in the future. These programs keep people working and paying taxes. They build futures. They save lives.


Please add your voice to stop the pain and reverse these across the board budget cuts.

Sign here to tell the U.S. Congress that sequestration must be reversed!

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