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STOP CHILDHOOD cANCER !!! Take a Stand !!! Sign and Share !!!

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 NO CHILD SHOULD EVER GO THROUGH THIS!!!!!! CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER!!!! CURE 4 RJ!!! My Greatest  disappointment When RJ was sent home to Die Receiving Hospice Care.  Tragically  RJ Passed Away on February 22nd , 2012 he was only 26 Months old "posted on February 22nd, 2012"


 The World needs to  find a cure. I implore the powers-that-be to recognize the devastating diagnosis that is childhood cancer and take action to prevent and, one day, find a cure for it. There are far too many children dying due to this illness each and every day. I have known many of these precious, innocent children personally. It breaks my heart to see them suffer while the government gives higher priority to other projects instead of working to save their lives. The United States Government must turn a blind eye and deaf ear to their cries for help no longer. If our children are our future, we must ensure that they have a future! Don’t let their lives be snuffed out so early! I challenge each and every person to help bring about change. Think about how much money is spent fighting wars that could instead be used to save our children’s lives! It isn’t even a drop in the bucket compared to what we spend on weapons and defense.  We must allocate funds to find the cure! Please take the time to join this petition. Add comments and invite family, friends, coworkers, and anyone and everyone who can help. Please as many  invites over Facebook as you can!!, and any other way you can to get the word out! Do this for the sake of my son, and all children like him who are fighting for their lives. The children of the world need your voice- raise it! The cure starts with you.  

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