Shut Down Coyote & Fox Hunting Tournament Whitney Point Coon Hunters

Shut Down Coyote & Fox Hunting Tournament Whitney Point Coon Hunters

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UPDATE: I have now been informed that this Coyote & Fox killing contest will be is taking place in both Chenango County New York & Broome County New York. 

Writing emails & making phone calls is very crucial right now. Please take action & share, for the animals.

You may want to write a message & send it to all of the below contacts. Contact is most important thing right now to get their attention.

New contacts added as of 1/15/20

Please be encouraging & factual when making contact, we don't condone harassment on either end. Thank you all for being the voice for the defenseless animals.

I have added some links to factual information a the bottom that you all may use in your writings. Thank you! For the Animals!

*Richard C. David Mayor Broome County
38 Hawley Street, 4th Floor Binghamton, NY 13901
(607) 772-7001

*Chenango County Mayor Christine Carnrike City Plaza, Norwich, NY 13815
Phone: (607) 334–1201  Email: 

*Broome County: CountyExecutive@BroomeCounty.US

*Broome County Commissioner:

*Chenango FB:

*Chenango County Bd. Of Supervisors Tel: 607-337-1430
R.C. Woodford, 
County Office Bldg., 5 Court St.
Norwich, NY 13815

*Isaiah Sutton, Director of Environmental Health:
(607) 337-1678

 *NY Senator Gilibrand

*NY Senator Schumer:

*NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo:  (Online contact form)

*Assembly member Deborah J Glick:

*NY DEC Email: 

*Please help support this bill to make these trophy killing contests illegal in NEW YORK. Tell Governor Cuomo to pass this law into bill 

NY Bounties Prohibited:


Letter to the Editor |

WBNG News 12:

The evening Sun:

NY Journalist David Figura |

The picture featured is Brian Brown - Hunting Organizer. he asks that if we have questions to please call him & text him #607-656-4425 He likes to post pictures of himself with dead animals - Message him & ask him to cancel his hunting contest. 

Hancock Fire Department canceled their coyote hunt, now the Whitney Point Coon Hunters Club picked up their dates. January 17th &18th & 19th. They are mocking animal rights & claim they won't be shut down! They are bragging & being disrespectful about killing coyotes & fox for their contest. Killing just to kill, for trophies, money, prizes & entertainment. 

Contest Organizer Brian Brown has been quoted saying: “And we won’t be shut down,” said Brian Brown, of Greene, a spokesman for the Coon Hunter’s group. “All the antis are dancing around, throwing a party, thinking they won.” please let him know that trophy hunting is cruel & urge him to cancel this vile killing event.

By David Figura | Article: r

They are not doing this for conservation. They are doing this for recreation in spite of killing defenseless animals & laughing about it. They pose in pictures with the bodies of the dead animals they murdered, like it is just a mere disposable meaningless "thing" & was not a living breathing life that was taken. No respect for another living being. Cruel & Unethical!

These killing contests disrupt ecological function and health, degrade the value of individual animals, teach disrespect for wildlife, and inflict and promote cruelty to animals. We need to call for responsible, humane, and ecologically sound wildlife management practices, focused on coexistence and science-based non-lethal methods of conflict resolution. Most sportsmen and sportswomen oppose wildlife killing contests. Countless animals are injured or orphaned during these events. The use of lures and distress calls—devices that mimic the sounds of prey or even the cries of young animals in distress—to attract target animals into shooting range for an easy kill removes any notion of the fundamental hunting ethic of “fair chase.”

- The candid project -link below

Conservation is the act of conserving; prevention of injury, decay, waste, or loss; preservation: conservation of wildlife; conservation of human rights. official supervision of rivers, forests, and other natural resources in order to preserve and protect them. 
Conservationists is a person who advocates or acts for the protection and preservation of the
environment and wildlife.
Biologists call fission-fusion, when coyotes come under pressure from hunters, their packs split up into lone animals & pairs, they start producing much larger litters, and they migrate into new areas.

Whitney Point Coon Hunters Club, 230 Dings Hollow Road in Whitney Point NY. Whitney Point Coon Hunters Phone: 607-692-4907 Office Fax: 607-692-2934 Facebook

Thank you! We need them all to hear all of us. Share - Share - Share. Every single action helps. 5 states have made this wildlife killing contests illegal, New York is next in-line.

“North American men do not hunt out of necessity; they typically do not hunt to protect people or animals, nor to keep themselves or their families from going hungry. Rather, they pursue hunting for its own sake, as a sport."