Save Dogs in Shirdi; dying because of diabetes, leprosy and other autoimmune diseases

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To all the Animal Lovers out there, this petition is to help revive the condition of dogs near Shirdi Sai Baba Temple that are being fed sweets by the devotees are more than hundred of them are suffering from Diabetes, Leprosy and severe life-threatening diseases. I couldn't include the pictures as I had no guts to keep the pictures and see it again and again, the dogs are badly wounded with their bodies extremely infected and they are severely malnourished. Many of them are run over by vehicles and have their backs and legs broken. I saw one dog severely bleeding and was crying hoarse for help and before I could reach him, he was driven away by the guards. 

They are beaten by the temple authorities and many of them are relocated to jungles majorly during any VIP's visit and are made to suffer and die starving for food, water, and medication.

This petition is aimed at urging the Animal welfare board of India, the Sai Sansthan- Temple Authorities, PMO and other concerned authorities to take cognizance of the issue and help in:

1) putting hoardings that illustrate; giving sweets to dogs is prohibited as its life-threatening for them

2) Announcements by the temple authorities giving the message that giving sweets to dogs is prohibited.

3) To make sure that the dogs do not die of hunger, there should be a spiritual message to the public; which as per a real story means that Saibaba roams among all the animals and feeding one might mean that you are feeding Shri Saibaba. The local shopkeepers can also be encouraged to circulate this message and keep prasad/food on their shops that can be given to dogs by the public.

4) Provisions can be made to distribute food to be given to dogs- Chapati, bread, milk etc apart from sweets by the temple authorities. P.s the food from "Bhandara" that happens every day can be given to the poor starving dogs.

5) Volunteers should be made to inform any emergency condition and report it to a vet. Right now, there is no particular shelter home that takes care of these dogs in Shirdi and the ones in Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Ahmednagar etc deny helping them due to distance and expenditure involved. There is just one lady named "Swarna" who is taking out the limited amount from her shop earnings to help these dogs.

6) There should be availability of funds and medicines to save these dogs and there should be a centralized body that looks into this issue.

7) NGO's in the nearby areas should group together to appoint volunteers in the area to register cases, arrange for vets and application of medication for the treatment of dogs regularly.

8) Hotels in Shirdi should be instructed to put a hoarding/infographic sheet informing that giving sweets to dogs is prohibited.

9) There should be provision for a penalty if anyone is found being cruel to dogs.

They need your help to get this petition filed and for proper assistance to be granted by the concerned authorities. No one deserves to die like this. They need your support. please sign this petition.