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Blanket ban on Desi-cow slaughter & Implementation of recommendations by National Commission on Cattle

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 Shri Radha Mohan Singh,

Union Minister for Agriculture,

Government of India


Dear Sir, 

Indian Desi Cow is an endangered species, despite being extremely valuable in sustaining rural economy (as reported by National Commission on Cattle), promoting public health and balance with nature. I request that an early blanket ban on slaughter of Desi-cows be implemented and her resources (milk, urine and dung) be used in FMCG, pharmaceuticals and food industries appropriately.

Bose Indicus is superior to its foreign counterparts as: It has a unique organ called Surya Ketu Nadi, visibly seen as the 'hump' - which processes the cosmic rays and produces 3 gavyas - milk, mutra and gobar:

Milk from Desi cow has the Beta Casein A2 protein which is good for health while milk from Jersey, Holstein cows produce A1 protein a sort of toxin. Several studies have shown that a population's exposure to A1 cow's milk has incidence on autoimmune disease, heart disease, type 1 diabetes, autism and schizophrenia. 

Gaumutra from Desi cow has huge medicinal value as per Ayurveda. The branch of medical science called "PanchGavya", has found tremendous success in cure of chronic diseases such as Cancer, Arthritis, Psoriasis etc. Several US patents on the use of Gau-mutra and its therapeutic properties have been obtained. Example:

Cow urine distillate as activity enhancer & facilitator for bioactive molecules including anti-infective & anti-cancer: US Patent 6410059

Cow's urine distillate or a dried fraction used for improving activity and bioavailability of antibiotics drugs: US Patent 6896907

Gobar from Desi cow has tremendous value for fuel, fertiliser and farming - the basis for rural development and prosperity. Even after burning dung-cakes have been found to have upto 60% oxygen content, useful for agriculture, industry and environment alike. 


The UPA government encouraged 'pink revolution' which resulted in massive decline in population of desi-cattle and today, many breeds (like Vechur in Kerala etc) are on the verge of extinction and many are endangered. Out of the 360 varieties mentioned in our ancient texts, less than 60 varieties survive!

Cow slaughter has to be made a Central Subject (from a state subject). The Parliament should then make a Central Law, applicable to all States, prohibiting slaughter of cow and its progeny. Violation of the Law should be made a non-bailable and cognizable offence with heavy fines. Cattle smuggling is rampant and so to ensure implementation of the law a Special Task Force needs to be deployed and Cow Scanners be installed on all National Highway Tolls.

A self-sustaining de-centralised model of rural development needs to be established by the Government to provide infrastructure for a respectable means of earnings to the cow-rearers. Desi-Cow-Facilitation Centre (DCFC) to be established in every few villages (depending on cow density) for:

1. Protection of indigenous cow & its progeny by maintaining records of cattle and improving bloodlines by use of technology. See how the USA has protected bloodlines of the Indian cow visit (Several Gau-shalas do not care about bulls of imported cows mating with Indian breeds thus producing poor quality calves. Strict action should be taken against such Gau-shalas)

2. Collection of Gavyas in a co-operative manner to provide fair price for milk, mutra and gobar to rearers after due quality testing. Testing facilities should be set up at DCFC to ensure produce that meets the standards gets collected.

3. To set up infrastructure (like Gobar gas plant, equipment to make fertiliser, pharmaceuticals, FMCG products) and process these Gavyas into finished products, thereby generating employment and self-reliance in rural economy for fuel, fertiliser, food, medicine and FMCG. This will bring down government subsidies on inorganic fertilisers. 

4. Separate supply chain for A2 milk and quality products from the desi cow – This will ensure wealth from cities flows to villages - overcoming the problem of urbanization and declining agriculture. Government of New Zealand has stated that changing dairy herds to more A2 producing cows may significantly improve public health. 

5. Training centres, Clinic & Retail outlet - to cater to the local population. 

Recommendations of National Commission on Cattle are mentioned on: which must be looked into. 

Request you to take this matter up URGENTLY before we lose out the indigenous cow entirely and with that a great opportunity to make villages attain Swaraj.

Thank you,  


Shivali Miglani

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