Stop demolishing Hindu temples

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Hare Krishna. Jai Ram ji ki. Jai Shri Krishna.

The last known instance of an organised conspiracy sponsored by the Kings or the governments to destroy Hindu temples was recorded many decades or centuries back during the dark days of pre-independent India under some really fanatic Muslim rulers.

Believe it or not, the Karnataka state government is about to embark on something like this right now. There are four beautiful and very popular full-fledged temples, in a four-acre complex right here in the heart of Bangalore (HBR Layout). What is even more unbelieveble is that the Honorable City Civil Court has held that some of the deities and temples here have been present from time immemorial. The present Karnataka state government is totally disregarding the court orders and a subsequent clarification and decision made by one of the previous governments and is threatening to demolish all the temples on the pretext that the temples are on an abandoned lake bed. This is a hopeless lie, as the state government planned to allot the land to a mechanised slaughter house for the purpose of setting up a beef export unit as long back as 28 years back!

We are left wondering why the Government of Karnataka wants to turn the clock back to the dark ages of the medieval Muslim rulers and the reintroduce the ghastly practice of demolishing temples and smashing the deities. Or is it a sinister conspiracy by the Karnataka state government Home Minister Mr. George in their grand agenda of minority appeasement? One never knows but one can certainly infer from what is going on.

I am a 23-year old lady final-year law student, who loves this temple complex. Hundreds of young students, working professionals and famillies enjoy coming here. The gorgeous festivals, verdant surroundings and vibrant atmosphere bring joy and peace to our hearts. We have learnt more about our culture here than we did all our lives. I have studied the court orders and the land papers. I think the temple lands cannot come under the defnition of encroached land at all. I can't explain in greater detail on this site. I have scanned and attached a crucial paper from the judgement. Even a cursory reading of this paper shows the antiquity of the temples.


Can all of you join me in trying to stop the government from moving and demolishing the temples and breaking our hearts? This vote is to stop the government from turning the clock back to the most bitter chapter in Indian history when temples were being demolished. If we don't act now, the next Temple that faces a similar threat could be the one in your neighbourhood.

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