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Save our Cows from the Pain, Suffering, and Trauma caused by the dairy industry.

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Dear Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi-ji,

Thank you for notifying the ban on slaughter of cattle throughout the country. This is yet another bold step by you that the nation applauds!

We humbly request you to go to the root of the problem that causes great pain, suffering, and trauma to our revered gau mata and makes life a living hell - the dairy industry.

The nightmare begins with the calving process, which is required for the cow or buffalo to produce milk. Animals are made to calve at least once a year (for cows) and once in 15 months (for buffaloes). Calves are separated immediately or severely restricted from accessing their mothers 3-4 days after birth. This separation is horrendously traumatic for both mother and calf, but is done only to increase milk availability for humans. Following separation, calves are mainly fed on milk substitutes and are allowed only limited suckling. The mother’s milk is instead diverted for human consumption. It is a tragedy that we are consuming the product of great pain and suffering of our gau mata.

The suffering doesn't end there. Most male calves are either sent for slaughter or let loose to starve.Thankfully, the new Notification will save them from slaughter but not from starvation. A limited number are used for breeding. Some are used as draught animals where they are subject to castration without anaesthesia, nose-roping, whipping and hard labour until they are old and weak, and are eventually abandoned.

Healthy female calves undergo the same hellish lives lived by their mothers, our gau mata. They are kept alive for use in the dairy industry, which means a repeated cycle of impregnation, separation, painful milking, oxytocin shots and mastitis (painful inflammation of the udder). To keep dairy animals productive they are re-impregnated at around 60 days after calving — a longer calving interval is uneconomical and a shorter interval reduces milk production.

The pain, suffering, and trauma inflicted by the dairy industry is far worse than the meat industry, and it is unconscionable that we continue to mistreat and torture the animals that we adore and worship as our own mothers!

Dear Prime Minister Sir, please, please put an end to this horrendous and inhuman practice by including the dairy industry under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act of 1960 for causing unimaginable pain, suffering, and trauma to our gau mata.

Thank you!

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