Please withdraw the Ordinance to Land Acquisition Act and fulfill the promises made to Jansatyagraha 2012 at Agra by Government of India

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Please withdraw the Ordinance to Land Acquisition Act and fulfill the promises made to Jansatyagraha 2012 at Agra by Government of India

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Ekta Parishad started this petition to Shri. Narendra Modi ji (Honourable Prime Minister of India)

Dear Friends,

 As you are aware, a historic 10 Points agreement was signed at Agra during the Janstyagrah foot march from Gwalior to Delhi between Shri Jairam Ramesh , Honorable Minister of Rural Development, GOI and Shri Rajgopal P.V. Leader of Janstyagrah 2012 & National Land Reform Policy. Jansatyagrah 2012 called off because of this agreement, with the warming that if the government does not work on the agreement, them “Jansatyagah” will restart form AGRA to DELHI.

 The central Government has taken the following initiatives on the agreement but these are not satisfactory:

1.      Formulated a draft on “National Land Reform Policy” for the radical land reform in the country by National Task Force on Land Reform constituted by the GOI but then the government could not pass it.

2.      Formulated a draft on “Homestead Bill” but did not introduce it in the parliament,

3.      Minister of Rural Development, GOI had sent advisories to the different states on the issues pertaining land rights but satisfactory follow up action was not taken up by the state Governments,

4.      Minister of Tribal Affairs of GOI had sent many letters for the fair implementation of PESA and FRA, but State Governments did not take any actions.

 Shri Rajagopal P.V. has reminded to Prime Minister and Minister of Rural development of GOI for the follow up of 10 point agreement between Janastyagrah 2012 and Government of India, but there was no positive follow up from the central government. Instead it brought “The Right to fair compensation and transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Amendment) ordinance, 2014, which is very unfair and unjust to farmers and small landholder to the country.

 Now it is very much clear that the new government has no intention of giving any importance to the agreement of Janstyagrah 2012 and Government of India, which was took place in Agra during the Janstyagrah 2012 movement. Hence, Ekta Parishad has decided to carry out a Foot March from 20th February, 2015 Palwal to Delhi. Rajagopal P.V. founder and Patron of Ekta Parishad will lead this Foot March along with thousands of farmers, labours, tribals and landless people across the country. This foot march will start on the afternoon of 20th February 2015 from Palwal with more than 5 thousands marginalized, poor and tribal and farmers from acroos the country.

 We have got your support regularly in the past in the struggles for justice for poor, farmers, labourers and tribal. We request you to support us by signing this petition to the Honourable Prime Minister of India.

With warm regards,
Ekta Parishad

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This petition had 1,219 supporters

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