Pregnant Dog Reportedly Beaten to Death Deserves Justice

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Punish the woman who allegedly beat a pregnant stray dog until she and her puppies died.

A pregnant dog was reportedly beaten to death with a rod in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Two of her puppies, though initially born alive, eventually died as well. Demand that those responsible are brought to justice.

“Justice for April.” These words have become a popular slogan and hashtag across social media platforms after a pregnant dog, named April by her rescuers, was reportedly brutally beaten. The Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra, an Indian rescue organization, came to April’s aid when she was reportedly found crying in pain and unable to lift herself from the ground. Witnesses claimed that a woman assaulted the poor dog mercilessly with a rod. April underwent surgery to repair her injuries and delivered two of her puppies before unfortunately dying. The puppies did not survive due to their premature birth.

A police report was filed by the rescue organization and an investigation is underway. However, the woman allegedly behind this assault still walks free. Sign below and demand that the person found responsible for this horrific cruelty receives the harshest punishment possible.