Declare COVID care policies - relaxed work hours, allowance for counselling for employees

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It’s no secret that the pandemic has taken a physical toll on our health but hardly anyone is talking about the other elephant in the room: our mental health.

And that’s what I want to address as someone who has experienced this first hand. I lost my younger brother to suicide in early 2019, long before COVID became a part of our vocabulary. He didn’t receive mental health support in time.

I am among many millions battling the mental toll of the pandemic. I am writing this petition while quarantining. My mother, grandparents and I have tested positive and are isolating. Sign my petition.

We are all living in a perpetual state of doom and despair anxiously wondering - if we will survive this pandemic at all? Will my family and I be ok? If the situation gets worse, will we get to the hospital in time, will we get a bed, will we be saved?

And just when that starts playing on your mind, it doesn’t help to be bombarded daily with alarming data, disturbing news, false narratives, and toxic social media.

I took a break from work to take care of my family because I am fortunate and privileged but many others are not as lucky because of their companies HR policies. How are they taking care of themselves, their families and work at the same time?

Faced with new realities of working from home, temporary unemployment, home-schooling of children, and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends and colleagues, it is important that we look after not just our physical health but mental health too. One in five people suffers from mental illness in India. Now, with this 2nd wave, things have gotten worse.

Please join me in asking the major corporations like Tata, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others to declare COVID care policies: relaxed work hours, allowance for counselling for all their employees.

Indians play a vital role in the success of companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc.... Millions of people work for them in India. I ask that these companies to step up and set a precedence for other companies to follow. They should implement COVID care & leave policies for ALL EMPLOYEES.

This small step will hugely help in easing the stress and burden of all employees. It will enable people to recover and in turn contribute to society and the economy.