Shoalhaven Council to implement green waste bins

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Given the recent experience of bushfires across the Shoalhaven, I believe it is time that the Shoalhaven Council implemented green waste bins. Many households were making last minute efforts to clean green waste around their properties as the fires developed and grew. I believe if we were able to do fortnightly clean ups around our properties it would ensure that households keep the properties as safe as possible on an ongoing basis. I appreciate the Council supply 2 x tip vouchers per year, however this is not enough to keep green waste away from the properties year round and many of us do not have access to a trailer to take it to the tip. The rates we pay are more than many other LGA that already have green waste bins and we should have the same access to these services.

Let’s take the challenge to Shoalhaven Council to help reduce the risk of fires around houses across the Shoalhaven and have green waste bin services implemented across the Shoalhaven.