Keep Hello Huey in Narrawallee!

Keep Hello Huey in Narrawallee!

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Shoalhaven City Council

Why this petition matters

Our beloved Hello Huey caravan has been forced to cease trading in their spot at Narrawallee Reserve due to a council regulation that states they're not allowed to trade within 1km of another cafe. 

Their current position is approximately 900m away from the café at North Narrawallee, and it’s the furthest suitable position for Huey to trade in Narrawallee. By forcing them away from this spot, council is effectively stopping them from trading in Narrawallee altogether. 

We’re asking our council to recognise that Hello Huey is part of the lifeblood of Narrawallee, and the community stands to lose the most from this decision. Hello Huey is where we meet after walking dogs on the beach, it's where walking groups catch up in the morning - and where abundant tourists grab a coffee and a muffin after their beach outing. 

In fact, numerous holiday rentals in Narrawallee include Hello Huey in their listings as one of the most appealing attractions of the area - and we all understand why. There is no doubt that Alysha’s caravan underpins the social fabric of our growing community, creating an inclusive space that brings both locals and visitors together as one.

Alysha and the Huey team have supported us through multiple lockdowns, trading seven days a week in all kinds of weather, and providing a safe and welcoming space for all of us to meet up, get to know and support each other - and enjoy a beautiful coffee and a chat. 

We understand there are rules in place for a reason, but we’re asking council to make an exemption based on the specifics of this case, and the undeniable benefit to the Narrawallee community. 

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2,099 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!