Oppose this Harmful and Hazardous Proposal.

Oppose this Harmful and Hazardous Proposal.

6 July 2021
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Shire of Chittering
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Why this petition matters

Started by Let Sheppard

Residents for safe and sustainable developments by avoiding hazardous and harmful development approval.

We need your help!
Support the residents, wildlife and wild spaces of Chittering. Help us stop the destruction of valuable bushland from small lot residential development.

This development:

• destroys valuable habitat including endangered flora and fauna such as the critically endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoos that breed, feed and shelter in our bush lands   
• poses risks to our water through increased septic systems,
• increases risk to loss of life and property through dense development in a bush fire risk area and
• intensifies pressure on our already stretched emergency services.
• threatens our rural lifestyle
How can you help?
Sign to oppose this harmful & hazardous proposal to help preserve life, protect the environment and secure our rural lifestyle.

Write or email the Shire of Chittering by 14th July 2021 expressing your concerns regarding the impacts of the proposed scheme amendment No. 69 and local structure plan amendment Wildflower Ridge Estate (Lot 9002 Reserve Rd Chittering) to our community and rural lifestyles.

For more information visit the Shire of Chittering’s website and search for: https://www.chittering.wa.gov.au/consultations/development/proposed-scheme-amendment-no-69-and-local-structure-plan-amendment;-wildflower-ridge-estate-(lot-9002-reserve-rd-chittering)

Or email us at ourchittering@gmail.com. 

Support now
Signatures: 696Next goal: 1,000
Support now